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Sex therapy and coaching

Do you need a cheerleader?

This work is talking only. We use words to explore the inner world. You lead the experience in what you want to discuss. This is a space to gently explore the past, present or desired future. Topics can include anything that matters to you.

The work is always respectful and sensitive. Everything is welcome in the space, all feelings, thoughts and desires. Speaking about our difficult feelings can help them shift and dissipate. In their place, we can find hope, optimism and new possibilities.



It is easy to get lost or confused in relationships. Talking openly is a productive way to clarify what is happening. From there you can determine what kind of experience you want to have with others.

When you love each other and want to make a relationship work better – counselling is a great option. All couples experience challenges. It can feel like trying to climb Mt Everest, sometimes slipping back, sometimes moving forward.

Working with me is like getting a Sherpa to carry your bags for a while. I am impartial and objective. It is important for each partner to feel supported and cared for. All partners get time to share their feelings and needs.

I work with people in straight, LGBTIQA+, polyamorous and alternative relationships. Everyone is accepted and welcome.


Are you wanting to learn more about your sexuality, remove blockages or increase your ability to experience pleasure?

Are you in a relationship where you want to experience deep personal and sexual growth?

This practice promotes learning about the body, sex and sexuality, as well as working through sexual issues or concerns.

Sexological bodywork is based on the belief that sexual health and erotic education are fundamental to human happiness.

Recurring patterns can arise in relationships that limit people’s capacity for intimacy. This work can bring awareness to limiting patterns and habits and offer you body-based learning opportunities.

I provide a professional, safe, supportive space to openly work through and resolve body issues at a relaxed pace.

This type of coaching can enable you to drop into your body and have richer, more embodied experiences.



This experience uses two-way touch for education and healing.

Touch used in sacred intimate sessions is not for gratification or entertainment. This intentional practice can provide transformation, inspiration, learning, self-development, as well as exploration of sensual, sexual, erotic and emotional experiences.

Sessions are co-created, rooted in consensual exploration and exercise-based. Boundaries are very clearly defined at the beginning of each session. The only touch that happens is what you have asked for. In this space we are working skilfully with intimacy. Clothing is optional. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by either person.

Using words, touch, guided meditation, music, symbols, expressive movement and ritual, your desire for transformation and personal growth will be honoured.

This modality is sometimes compared to partner surrogacy.



This kind of work is open for anyone to explore any part of their life. Everything is possible and welcome. This can include mental health, anxiety, depression, trauma, loneliness, lifestyle choices, anger, family relationships, grief and loss.

If you are needing more focus for the future, we can use coaching strategies to lay out the tracks.

Many people come to counselling because the old ways aren’t working anymore. The bridge is broken and they need a new way across. Often emotional pain makes life and work too hard.

I welcome clients that have never seen a professional before and people who have spent many years in therapy. Happiness and health are available to everyone.



Session details

I offer 90 minute sessions. This gives us time to gently explore the terrain and make maps.

My fee is $160 for 1.5 hours

You are welcome to request different session lengths if needed.

It is possible for people with limited resources to participate in this work. Please let me know if you need to negotiate the fee.


Payment details

I prefer to be paid cash before or after the session.

Bank direct debit is acceptable.


Cancellation policy

I understand that sometimes you need to change your schedule. I kindly ask that 24 hours notice be given on all cancellations.

A 50% fee will be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.