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I have experienced a lot of growth and change in the time I have been seeing him.
— Mel

“Jeremy is a counsellor who I found to have a very unique and honest approach. The first thing that struck me about Jeremy was how present he was with me. I felt very held in his space. There was an air of non judgment and acceptance and a deep understanding of the issues I was facing.

Jeremy is very real- you feel he relates to you from a place of deep humanness… this was such a refreshing experience for me compared to other counsellors I have worked with in the past.

What really stands out to me is how lovingly honest Jeremy is, he delivers his honesty with such humour that it is very easy to take on as feedback.  I like that he doesn’t skirt around the edges of what he feels to be true- there are no niceties; he goes straight to the heart and core of an issue with what he believes is happening.

Jeremy has an eclectic range of tools to use and I sense that he is very skilled at knowing which ones to use depending on what comes up in the session.”

Your presence facilitated such beautiful intimacy and discovery. Wowsers!
I really look forward to our next session :)
— Celeste

“I greatly appreciated being supported with warmth and wisdom. For all the shame and sorrow I feel, you made me feel comfortable to be exactly myself; I felt total acceptance. Our relationship has blind spots we dearly want to understand and see clearly and you brought compassion and confidence to our nervous yet hopeful selves.

Your reflections about the strength of our relationship and the hope we can hold meant the world to us. You have a respectful, open and responsive style that really worked for us and I'm curious for the next session. I think you're meant to help people already in love but lost a bit.

Thanks again for coming to us last night, we both felt so positive about working with you to learn and grow and make sex even more awesome!

Even though it was just our first session, I felt understood as I shared some of my struggles with sex. I could see that you really got how hard it has been for my partner too. You understood our challenges, but just as importantly our wins, and our strengths. Which for the first time in ages has filled me with hope that we can experience more pleasure than we have been.

I appreciated your guidance through a somatic activity that got us in touch with desire and sensation.”  

I left the session feeling engaged with my body and feeling more alive and connected to myself and others.
— Alex

"Although I was very nervous and somewhat reluctant at first to attend the sexual somatic treatment, Jeremy's style was so open, communicative and safe that it felt easy to open up to the initially strange experience.”